Regular Membership

Regular Memberships are for individual seeking an active membership with all voting rights and Club privileges.  Dues are $50.00 per month.  In addition, a Regular Member can sponsor individual family members with a Family Membership and reduced dues.

The Regular Membership Application, together with a completed Hold Harmless Agreement, must be submitted with the first month’s Introductory dues payment of $20.00 to a member of the Board of Directors.

Download the Regular Membership Application Package here.

Add Additional Family Members for an additional $10 a month each!

Submitting this application for Regular Membership enrolls you as an Introductory Member and begins the process that will progress you to active membership with voting privileges and full access to all Club amenities.  The Introductory phase is a minimum of three months and a maximum of six months.  Dues are $20.00 per month during this phase and we encourage you to join our worksessions, bring your trains to “Run Nights”, “Operations Sessions”, attend Club functions, and get to know us better.

Introductory Members are required to attend at least three Club Business meetings during the Introductory phase before being considered for a vote by the Club body for membership.  All TWMRC members must maintain a current National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) membership; you will need to present your proof of membership to the Chief Administrative Officer before moving ahead to Regular Membership.

While this process may seem long, it passes quickly, and you will have access to the Club and layout during this time.

Complete your NMRA Online Application here to become a NMRA member.