Family Membership

Family Memberships are limited to family members of a Regular Member in good standing. Dues are a nominal $10.00 a month for each family member sponsored. An active Family Member will enjoy the same voting rights and club privileges as a Regular Member.

The Family Membership Application and a completed Hold Harmless Agreement must be submitted together with $10.00 for the first month’s dues.

Download the Family Membership Application here.

Pay your Family Membership Dues Online.

By completing this application you are starting a process that will progress you to active membership with the same voting privileges, including full access to all club amenities, Regular Member is granted. During this process, we encourage you to join our work sessions, bring your trains to “Run Nights”, “Operation Nights”, and get to know us better.

Prospective Family Members are required to attend a minimum of three business meetings. Another requirement is to be a National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) member. All TWMRC members must be current NMRA members; you will need to present your proof of membership to the Chief Administrative Officer by the third business meeting. Prior to the third business meeting your application will be reviewed by the Board of Directors and upon approval, will then be submitted to the membership for a vote.

While this process may seem long, it passes quickly, and you’ll have access to the Club and layout during this period.

Complete your NMRA Online Application here to become a NMRA member.