About the TWRA

Following its modest beginnings in 1996, the Texas Western Model Railroad Club had been content to be a hobby and a source of pride for its members.  The club soon found that visitors were overwhelmed by the scope and quality of the miniature railroad and marveled at the accurate prototypical details that abound throughout the layout.

Club members found themselves in the role of historians and educators during Open House events, explaining details about the importance that railroads played in the development of Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. As a result of this revelation, the club decided to pursue recognition of our organization as a non-profit educational and historical entity.

The Texas Western Railroad Association (TWRA) was created in 2006 as a non-profit corporation in the State of Texas. The I.R.S. non-profit status of 501(c)3 was applied for, and granted in 2008, retroactive to 2006 to allow us to apply for grants and accept tax free donations to further our mission.